Home Care Process

A Homecare Assessment by our intake staff will initiate the homecare process by gathering information about you based on language needs and the nature of the healthcare need. We then identify qualified professional(s) who can meet your specific needs highlighting both medical, lifestyle, and budget needs.

Our process

  1. Our Intake Coordinator will review health care need through discussions with you, your family members, discharge coordinators, physician, social worker or anyone else who may be involved. This is called an Initial Assessment.
  2. The Intake Coordinator or Nurse will discuss the type of care needed based on physician orders and diagnosis. This is referred to as a Needs Assessment.
  3. The Needs Assessment will determine what type professional or paraprofessional is appropriate for level of care. Also discussed is duration of care whether it be temporary, long term, and service hours.
  4. The Initial Visit is scheduled and during this visit the Registered Nurse will address the following:
    • Matching the appropriate caregiver
    • Health and medication
    • Nutritional needs
    • Home cleaning
    • Patient Bill of Rights
    • Patient Right to Self Determination
    • Transportation needs
    • Home Safety Inspection
    • Daily routines
    • Emergency Response
    • Homecare Consent

  5. The Initial Visit or initial consultation, the nurse along with physician, develop a Plan of Care that will include:
    • Type of Caregiver
    • Physician orders (if needed)
    • Caregiver responsibilities
    • Time and duration of care
    • Outline of care to be performed
    • Medication Profile

  6. The Intake Nurse or Coordinator will discuss and document your financial responsibilities to you and coordinate with you or family member caregiver’s schedule.

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Whether your needs are simple or complex, feel free to contact our clinical professionals for complementary and confidential consultation. If you are interested in private homecare and want to find out more,

Please CALL our 24/7 Referral Line at 212 219-2677 or 800 243-6422

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